Hard Chrome

This plating is one of the oldest hard deposits used for wear applications. Even today it has a wide application in a large spectrum of industries

Hard Chrome Plating

Hard Chrome is an Electro-chemical process, where object is connected to cathode and the current passing through the surface of the object makes the deposition of Chromium. However, current density variation especially at the edges, makes the coating thickness vary, sometimes even by 300%. It offers excellent resistance to alkaline corrosive environments.


  1. The deposit offers excellent non-stick lubricity.
  2. Due to low wear rate, the deposit is preferred under high stress contact against sand, coal, cement, glass etc.
  3. Since the deposition temperature is low, problems like material distortion observed in the hardening process can be avoided.
  4. Deposit provides excellent corrosion resistance to most of the acids/alkali.
  5. Deposit can be machined.