Metlon® Coatings are advanced composite coatings offering additional properties, which traditional coatings lack. We offer two types of Metlon® coatings are offered

1. Metlon® B (Bonded)

In this process, uniformly dispersed microscopic particles of PTFE (Teflon) are infused and bonded directly to the substrate. Suitable metal/alloy undercoat may be applied on the substrate before bonding PTFE to this layer. This improves appearance and corrosion properties of substrate and imparts lubricity. Top layer of PTFE improves frictional properties.


  1. Low co-efficient of friction
  2. Corrosion Resistance
  3. Transparent coating
  4. Adheres to almost all metals/alloys
  5. Environmentally friendly process
  6. Uniform coating achieved irrespective of substrate geometry


2. Metlon®500

Due to the homogenous distribution of PTFE particles occluded in suitable alloy matrix, Metlon® 500 coating offers low co-efficient of friction producing excellent lubricating characteristics. The coating combines the properties of co-deposited alloys with lubricating behavior of PTFE resulting in enhanced frictional properties and is an excellent solution for sticking, galling or drag problems on the moving parts.


  • Offers low coefficient of friction and thus enhances frictional properties of traditional metal coating.
  • Excellent solution for sticking, galling or drag problems on moving parts.
  • Retention of this coating is excellent during sliding operation as compare to Metlon® B
  • Complete elimination of liquid lubrication  / spray release possible.
  • FDA approved* coating


Potential Metlon®500 Advantages over Metlon® B

  • This coating drastically improves the corrosion properties of the coated components.
  • PTFE in the metal-alloy matrix maintains the release property.
  • Spraying liquid spray releases is completely avoided and/or less frequently required.
  • Transfer of loose impurities is completely avoided.
  • Process can withstand temperatures up to 250ºC.

We are ready to license* this technology.

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